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Please answer all of the following questions: (Make sure you proofread and use complete sentences)These should be elaborate thoughts, not one sentence responses!

1) After viewing Mr. Fisch's world-renown "Did you Know/Shift Happens" PowerPoint, what ideas strike you about the facts presented?
How does this make you think about the world and your place in it? How could this data impact you?

2) Also, what did Danny Macaskill's, "Inspired Bikes" make you think about perseverance, hard work, potential, etc...? How can you apply what you saw from his adventures, doing bike tricks, to your own life?

3) See below:

Definitions Taken From Mindsets The New Psychology Of Success By Carol Dweck

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Fixed Mindset Defined:
“The view you adopt for yourself profoundly affects the way you lead your life.  It can determine whether you become the person you want to be and whether you accomplish the things you value.  How does this happen?  How can a simple belief have the power to transform your psychology and, as a result, your life?  Believing that your qualities are carved in stone-the fixed mindset-creates an urgency to prove yourself over and over” (Dweck 6).

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Growth Mindset Defined:
“This growth mindset is based on the belief that your basic qualities are things you can cultivate through your efforts.  Although people may differ in every which way-in their initial talents and aptitudes, interests, or temperaments-everyone can change and grow through application and experience” (Dweck 7).

“The passion for stretching yourself and sticking to it, even (or especially) when it’s not going well, is the hallmark of the growth mindset.  This is the mindset that allows people to thrive during some of the most challenging times in their lives” (Dweck 7).

  • What are your thoughts regarding these definitions?  
  • Are the definitions accurate?  
  • How do they apply to your attitude and approach within the academic realm?


  1. After watching Mr. Fisch's "Did you know?" videos, I was amazed on how many people are on MySpace and how many 4 year olds have been on a computer. It shows how much technology has advanced over the years and how much we use it. The video "Inspired Bikes" made me think about how many hard, frustrating hours it takes to be that good. Also, it shows that if you're really passionate about something, if you fall, you just have to get back up. My thoughts on the TED talk video was that kids with with a growth mind set excel in school better than kids with a fixed mind set. I think her definitions are very accurate because the GMS (yet) kids think "I don't have it yet, but I will" while the FMS (now) kids think "I didn't get it now, I'll never get it". During my academic experience, I try to always have a positive attitude and a GMS, and even though I am a year younger than the rest of my grade, I have always tried to excelled in my school work.

  2. I really loved Mr. Fisch's "Did You Know?" 4.0 video. I thought it was really cool how it explained how technology has evolved over the years. I also thought it was crazy how two million TV's are in bathrooms. This info can really impact as person and make them truly aware of there surroundings and the future ahead of them.
    On the other hand, the video "Inspired Bikes" was really cool. It really taught me that practice makes perfect, and that hard work pays off in the end.

  3. After watching Mr.Fish's video the facts shocked me. I didn't realize that the world we live in today is relying a ton on technology. For example, from all the people who use MysSpace, if it was a country it would be the eighth largest country in the world. The data personally affects me because it shows me that in the future I am going to be relaying on technology more in the future than I am now. The Inspired Bikes video taught me that with hard work come talent. I learned this because the person in the video doing all the bike tricks had to put in a lot of work to be able to do all those tricks. I can apply this lesson to my own life my working hard at what I love and never giving up. I personally think the definitions listed are completely true and accurate, because with a fixed mindset and a growth mindset requires hard work. I can apply the meaning of the definitions to my academic carrier by always trying my best, and making sure that I'm always prepared for anything including tests and quizzes.

  4. After watching Mr. Fisch’s “Did you know/Shift Happen“ original video, I was shocked on how astonishing some of the facts were. A couple of facts that really got my attention were that in 8 seconds, 34 babies will be born. I amazed me to think about fast our world’s population is growing. Another one that got my attention was that by the time someone is 21 years old have watched 20,000 hours of TV, played 10,000 hours of video games, and has talked on the phone for 10,000 hours. Even though you may only play video games a little bit a day, think about how much time all together you could’ve have spent playing outside and exercising. After watching this video and the one’s after that I now see the world in a different way and if spend less time watching TV, that in the long run those facts would be a little different and a little better.
    Danny Macaskill’s “Inspired Bikes” video was more than just a guy doing sweet tricks on a bike. In the beginning of the video it showed him trying to ride alone a skinny metal fence. After falling multiple times and putting himself in a dangerous situation, he kept trying and finally was able to ride along the fence. The lesson I took from that was that if you see something you want to do, go after it and don’t stop until you’ve done it. The rest of it was just a guy doing sweet tricks on a bike.
    I agree with the definitions of “Fixed & Growth Mindset” because they are how I would define them. If you get a question wrong on a test, you can either not try and give up (Fixed Mindset), or you can practice what you missed and focus on that topic and grow (Growth Mindset).

  5. 1. Mr. Fisch's video was surprising yet not at the same time. Let me explain. As a teen in this world with a lot of tech I realize I tend to use it a lot. Research, communication, time-killing, etc., so I realize the statistics are pretty high but I didn't know the stats were to that extent. I know that I have most of the world at my fingertips and that I can connect anywhere around the world, and to be honest, it's a bit overwhelming. I like my small little world but the world itself is so big, it's for lack of a better term, scary.
    2. The bike video was fairly interesting because, lets be honest, it was awesome. The dude had developed a skill that many don't have and it's really cool because of that. But I highly doubt the dude just bought a bike and suddenly began to do all the tricks we saw him do.(mostly because it showed his struggle with it in the beginning). He worked towards it and look where he is now. This just means find something you want to do or like and work for it.
    3. I can't really place how I feel or what I think about these definitions but I would probably say they have caused neither 'Oh, that's how someone defines them. Okay, sound about right to me' I can't really disagree with them, they sound good enough to me. As for how they affect me in academics, that's a bit of a different situation. I myself have always done fairly well in math and am fascinated with certain sciences, so I stick to those. But along with those I have always tried to do well with whatever environment I am in(there comes the fixed mindset) but I haven't ever really gone into a growth mindset. I should change that (probably not the answer that was expected but oh well)

  6. I found Mr. Fisch’s video very interesting, though I have to say I have seen many that are very similar. I also thought that the video spit facts at you really quickly. The facts presented gave me context to how the world really is changing very fast, especially leaning towards the technological side of things. It really made me think “how could I change the world when it’s changing so fast with so many people”? With so many people with access to technology and only a handful of them being bright, lucky, or smart enough to do something big, will I be able to do anything very special? I guess I will see on that. The data could impact me by making me try harder in things that I do so I have a better of chance to do something special.
    Danny Macaskill’s video made me realize that trying hard enough can allow you to do things that you may think impossible for you to do. I wonder if he ever thought that he would ever be that great at bicycle tricks? His videos teach me that perseverance is key, and you need to love what you do to do it the best that you can. He must have practiced and practiced through wipeout after wipeout, wanting to be better and better at bicycle tricks. He can only get better from where he is, but when will he be able to stop improving? Will it be a matter of age, popularity, boredom, or running out of tricks to do?
    I think that Carol Dweck made good definitions for a growth and fixed mindset. From the straight definitions, it sounds like a fixed mindset is just as good as a growth mindset if you think the right way. Though after watching the video, it seems like she makes out a fixed mindset to be a bad thing. (Though I do imagine a report of “not yet” replacing a failing grade being better for the kid.) It seems like they could just be different ways of thinking, with each having different advantages and disadvantages. If you have a mindset for success, a fixed mindset will steer you in the right direction. If you put good effort into your life and a growth mindset accompanying the effort, you will get a good life out of it. But though growing up with a mindset of failure and a fixed mindset isn’t won’t lead to a successful life, growing up not putting your full effort into life with a growth mindset will grow a life that isn’t very great or rewarding. I think that the definitions are for the most part accurate. I wish I could better understand how exactly a simple belief can have the power to transform your entire life. Instead of putting “simple belief” the speaker could have put “large belief”, because I could believe that an overarching mindset is going to have more affect on your psychology. I also would like to better understand how a growth mindset could more easily allow you to thrive in a challenging time. These quotes apply to my attitude and approach by showing what mindset I have, could have, and why I should change/keep the one I have. Do I have to love school or adapt to loving it? I may in the future want to try a little harder on my schoolwork and learning in general than I have in the past, and try adopting a mindset more related to growth than a fixed goal.

  7. After watching Mr. Fisch's Did You Know? Powerpoint, I was shocked by how advanced our society is today. Our world has way more technology, a growing population, and better education systems than it was in the past. As a teenager, I have always thought that I have no place in the world. But after watching that video, I have a new perspective. Since so many young children have a presence on social media, almost anyone can find out who they are or what their backstory is. Kids nowadays are growing up with so much tech and are getting used to it. This can impact you because it makes you really become aware of your surroundings and understand what is truly going on around you. Finally, these videos were very impacting and educational, and really changed the way I see the world today.
    The Inspired Bicycles video really made me think about the message behind it. The message was that even though you may not get something the first time you try it, keep working hard and you can do great things. Since I like to learn and try hard in my classes, I already can apply to this in my real life. Also, this video says that you have great potential, and don't let obstacles get in your way. I related this to high school as well, because it shows how you can do great, as long as you focus and don't let any distractions stop you.
    I believe that the definitions of growth and fixed mindsets were very accurate. I really think that it is better to have a growth mindset because it is important to adapt to your surroundings and to grow as a person. Unlike the growth mindset, the fixed mindset was very black and white, and couldn't find a happy medium. I think that we as people should all try to have a growth mindset, because we should challenge ourselves and persevere. I believe that I have mainly a growth mindset, because I love to challenge myself and try hard. I also put a lot of effort into my schoolwork and love to learn. I agreed, for the most part, with Dweck because she defined the two mindsets very well.

  8. After watching Mr. Fisch's Did You Know? power point, I was amazed by how human kind has advanced in everyday possible in such little time periods. I also took notice on the fact on how much technology that us humans have, and more importantly how much time we spend on it. Humans are using technology more than being social and people learn from how they grew up and whats going on around them, and if people use this much technology then the world will have less grad students and less jobs and every year that will become to grow worse. Child obesity and violence are becoming worse every year because kids are surrounded by technology and not enough people. That mean we cant learn from each other nor history so it can easily be repeated. So I believe that the message from this video is that we need less technology so the world can keep its knowledge.
    The bike video teaches us all a lesson on if you have a dream, you should pursue it and show the world that your a better person then your are set out to be. It also teaches us to challenge are self's to be greater then ever and to be a voice that matters. Its saying to be and inspirational person and to be a leader not a follower. Its a way of telling younger kids to go out and do something to change the world or to do something that will change someones life or even yours.

  9. After watching Mr. Fisch's video "Did you Know/Shift Happens" I was amazed on some of the statistics in the video like in the next 8 second, 34 babies would be born. This part made me think about if there was another planet in the Universe just like ours, then how many would be born in 8 seconds? Another thing that surprised me was a 21 year old would have spent so much of their life on technology. I know I spend lots of time on technology that to think about life without it is weird.
    After watching the Danny Macaskill video’s I realized that many people are fearless at different things because I would never do those tricks on a bike, but I would stand in front of a 100 mph shot in lacrosse. I also learned that if you persevere to get anything you can achieve it.
    After reading the articles on the growth mindset vs fixed mindset I realized that I have a growth mindset in some things and fixed in others. In things like math and lacrosse I have a growth mindset because I want to grow to learn and be better at them. I am a fixed at things like reading because I don't like to read and if I have to I wait for the last minute to do things like that. I do believe that these definitions are accurate because they are true with me. In the definitions it says “This growth mindset is based on the belief that your basic qualities are things you can cultivate through your efforts”. I think this works well with me because I always try to become better at things I have a growth mindset in. These mindsets work well with me in academics because in most of my classes I have a growth mindset to I can achieve more in those classes.

    1. Ideas that really struck me from the “Shift Happens/Did You Know?” videos are the statistic that today’s 21 year old’s have watched 20,000 hours of television, played ten thousand hours of video games, talked ten thousand hours on the phone. If you do the math that averages out at about 4.5 years of those three things combined out of the 21 years they have been alive. The reason that really speaks to me is 4 years is a really long time and to spend that much time doing that when you could accomplish other more impressive tasks it really puts things in perspective for me. It makes me think that I should try more things and watch less TV. Also the statistic about how fast the number of internet capable devices are out there. In 1984 there were just one thousand, in 1992 there were about 1,000,000, and in 2006 there were 600,000,000. From 1992 to 2006 it increased by 599,999,000. That is a huge difference between just 14 years. It shows that the world is changing and increasing at an continuously accelerating rate and these statistics are just going to continue to become more mind boggling. Danny Macaskill's bike video showed that through hard work you can accomplish a whole lot. The beginning of the video showed him trying to perform a really cool trick by riding on a fence but in the beginning he kept falling off. After a few tries he nailed it. The video then picked up showing all these nearly unbelievable tasks accomplished by him. It made me think that accomplishing small little things can lead to extraordinary amazing things. You just have to try. When I first saw those two definitions it didn’t come to me at first what it meant but I reread it and saw that they were two different mind sets. One was what you think you are, you are. What you think you can do, you can probably do. The other one is you know you start out with a few skills you can build off of. I think they are accurate, but I believe I have the growth mindset more than the fixed mindset. In school I always feel like I start out with a certain level of skill and each day I add on to them. Not just academically but with characteristics too, like organization for example. Each day I try to work on my organizational skills, while at the same time working on my social skills, behavioral skills, and many other things.

  10. After viewing Mr. Fisch’s “Did you Know” I was amazed to see how advanced the world is today compared to what the world was like several years ago. I was surprised by the fact that 6.1 billion searches had been made this month in google. I found this astounding because this amount of searches almost exceeds the population of the planet. Connecting to this topic, I found it amazing how the amount of text messages sent and received exceed the population of this planet in a single day. Another fact which interested me is how it only took two years for the ipod to reach an audience of 50 million people. This was 19 times the amount of time it took for the radio to reach audience of 50 million people. These facts show me how fast technology has been produced. In under 10 years, millions of phones, computers, and other devices had been produced. Under 20 years before, almost none had been produced. This showed me also how the world has been affected due to technology.
    I thought the “Inspiring Bicycles” video was a very motivating and encouraging video. I believe that this video could connect to every single one of our lives. I can connect this video to my life because of the events which allowed Danny MacAskill to become a professional biker. In the beginning of the video, Danny had attempted to ride up a rail. Several times he failed and fell off the rail. After several periods of trial, Danny had finally accomplished riding up the rail. I can connect this to my life because several time I will try to accomplish something, whether it was important or not, and failed. As long as I kept on trying, I finally would accomplish the achievement. From this video, I learned to never give up and always attempt to accomplish something.

  11. After watching Mr. Fisch's “Did you know” video what was striked me the most is how much the world has changed since 2006, but the facts that were shown was really inspiring. The world has so much to what it used to be. How I can apply inspired bikes to my own life is that to never give up on something that you really love no matter what. Yes I do think that the definitions are accurate.

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  13. After watching Mr. Fish's "Did you know?" video, I had the realization that by the time I graduate high school, the world will be completely different. The world has changed an incredibly large amount in my lifetime and I'm sure it wont slow down anytime soon. Sometimes we may get frustrated with new technology, but overall, we use most of it on a regular basis. It was also vey interesting to see the statistics about The younger generation that was born after 2010. It is crazy to think that they are growing up with iPhones and iPads. I was jealous when my sister got an iPod when she was seven because when I was seven, iPods didn't even exist.
    When I watched the “Inspired Bikes” video, I got a strong sense of perseverance. Danny Macaskill must have practiced for hours and hours in order to master those bike tricks. For example, in the video when he fell a few times. He fell but he always got back up and tried again knowing that he was going to get it if he just kept trying.
    I think that these two types of thinking are very different, but the same in man aways. I do agree with them, but I do not believe that one person is simply one or the other. For example, A person may believe that they can be good in school as long as they try hard enough. But that same person may believe that they are completely incapable of Performing on stage, or playing a sport. I think every person has a mixed range of wether they have a fixed mindset or a Growth mindset. And both types of thinking are never going away. I believe that it is impossible for a person to have only one mindset or another.

  14. 1) The most impressive facts in the video were that the computer in my cellphone is many times cheaper, more powerful and smaller than the one at MIT in 1965. This shows the truth behind the quote of Ray Kurzweil: "...what fits in your pocket now will fit in a blood cell in 25 years." I find the speed of development of technology fascinating and at the same time a bit shocking because we already depend so much on electronics and the dependence is growing more all the time. The fact that we are preparing for a future that doesn't even exist now seems weird and if I have to be honest: I like my pencil and my paper and I don't want to replace them with a robot.
    2) Danny Macaskill showed that everybody can achieve something if you work hard and don't give up. I wouldn't have thought that such amazing bike tricks are possible but "Inspired Bikes" made me recognize that everything is possible if you just believe in yourself.
    3) In my opinion the definitions are very accurate. They show how much depends on your mindset and the more effort you put in your work the more content will you be with the results. I learned that even if something scares you, for example an assignment in school, you have to be aware that sometimes you have to go out of your comfort zone to learn something new and broaden your horizon. Everyone has the choice to have a growth mindset because everybody can believe in themselves!

  15. After watching Mr. Fisch’s “Did You Know/Shift Happens” videos, the main thing I realized was how fast our world has advanced in the last few years, and its potential to advance at a remarkably faster rate in the near future. Honestly, some of the facts were slightly worrisome and almost scary. However, many other facts were astonishingly impressive. For example, one fact that worried me a little bit was that today’s average 21-year-olds have watched 20,000 hours of TV, played 10,000 hours of video games, talked for 10,000 hours on the phone, and sent or received 250,000 e-mails or instant messages. These numbers are insanely large, and it makes me worried that people can waste a lot of time using technology. However, I’m sure many of these hours were spent doing productive things as well, like writing papers or doing research. One fact that really impressed me was that many of the college majors that exist today weren’t around 10 years ago. That makes me hopeful that there are many more jobs available and many more educated people to fill those jobs. The main thing I took away from this video was how vital technology is in today’s world, and how fast it is progressing.
    Secondly, after watching Danny Macaskill’s “Inspired Bikes” video, I was in awe of what he could do on a bike, and extremely motivated to work towards goals of my own. This video begins with Macaskill falling off his bike while attempting his tricks. Later, he successfully performs these tricks that seem nearly impossible to someone like me. I think that is the main idea I got out of this video, which is that anything is possible when hard work is invested in it. This video inspired me to trust myself and believe that almost anything I want to do can be done, because I am sure that Macaskill was told several times that his tricks would be impossible, but he executed them anyway.
    Finally, the “fixed-mindset” and “growth-mindset” definitions basically portrayed that one with a fixed mindset accepts things as they are, and doesn’t believe that they will or can change, even if the person is in control of it. A growth mindset is described as a mindset in which one believes change to be true and possible, and feels in control of events or situations and how to handle them. Dweck’s definitions are true in the way that they differentiate a growth versus fixed mindset as an open or closed view on one’s life. By applying these methods to my academic career, I will try my best to go on with a growth-mindset, and trust myself to adjust and control different situations.

  16. After watching the world-reowned video by Mr. Fisch, “Did you Know/Shift Happens" I was amazed by all of the cold hard facts. One being, Americans have
    access to 1,000,000,000,000 webpages, 65,000 iPhone apps, 10,500 radio stations, 5,000 magazines, and 200 plus cable TV networks. This really showed me how much technology in this generation is thriving. There are so many resources we all now have access to. Another fact that caught my eye was Wikipedia now has 13 million articles in more then 200 different languages. With me being a student, I could not believe all of the articles wikipedia has to learn from. With these just being a few of the many facts from the video, I can not help but think what is to come. With so many new technology inventions everyday, it makes me realize that this generation is very technology dependent. This data impacts me alone because I use it everyday in and out of school as well as many other people my age. With the data shown in the video, it is safe to say that in years to come the data will change and the numbers will probably increase.
    On the other hand, Danny Macaskill’s video “Inspired Bikes” makes me think about his dedication and hard work to get to the point where he is today. He did not learn overnight to be great like that. He had to never give up and keep pushing himself to do and be better. Similar to my life as a student. When I get a bad grade on a test I too, have to work harder and not give up in order to improve myself.

  17. 1. After watching “Shift Happens” by Mr. Fisch, all of my thoughts turned to technology, and how it’s changing over the years. If anything’s going to affect me in the future, it will be technology. The use of technology is skyrocketing, and it will continue to skyrocket for a long time. I would like the more old fashion way, where we don’t use computers everyday, but that’s not the time we’re in anymore, so I have to adjust so I can be successful for my entire life.

    2. In the video, “Inspired Bikes”, I noticed that only a short portion of the video was about failure, and the rest of it was about success. I think that was intended to be what the video was all about. Although times may be tough at first, doesn’t mean they won’t get better. In fact, difficulty in the beginning, usually means ease in the end. I can relate the gist of the video to my own life to schoolwork. When a problem gets hard, I will just keep working at it because I will get it at some point, no matter what.

    I like these definitions. They give me a clear understanding of what a fixed-mindset is, vs. what a growth-mindset is.
    The definitions are accurate in my book.
    I want to have a growth-mindset for the rest of my life. I never really knew what either of those meant until now, but a growth-mindset seems like a big positive. From now on, I will go into every situation with an open mind, and try my hardest to thrive.

  18. After watching shift happens by Mr. Finch it really made me think of technology. And how technology has changed the world today it makes me feel small in the world. This data impacted me because it really made me think about how fast America is growing. I was amazed at the fact of how many four-year-old had already been on a computer.

    After watching Danny McCaskills inspired bikes video really inspired me and showed me that if you want to get something done but it is possible and if you fall it's not that hard to get back up.

    The fixed mindset definition really made me think about who I am as a learner and how it will affect me later in life.

    The growth mindset definition showed me that if you want to get something done then I got to do is put your mind to it and show some effort.

  19. The ideas that struck me in the video “shift happens” was that a $1,000 computer will be smarter that the human race. This makes me think that the world uses too many electronics, and will not help people think for themselves. I have a couple electronic devices but I am not addicted to them, and do not feel like I can not live without them. When I watched the video “Inspiring Bikes” it really made me think how much work he went through and the amount perseverance he had. Even when he could not do something he kept trying till he got it, he really had a lot of potential to be the best stunt biker in the world. What Danny Macaskill's did, can apply to my own life because I face the same problems in golf. In golf you have to practice your swing a lot in order to stay consistent. When I hit balls and I don’t hit it them consistent I practice my swing until I get consistent enough to hit at a target many times.
    If you become the person you want to be and accomplish the things you value, it will be hard to do this with a fixed mindset because as a person you will not want to grow. A simple belief can change your life because of the attitude you have as a person will cause you not to excel if they have a fixed mindset. If you have growth mindset you will have the ability the grow as a person and exceed the goals you have. My thoughts on these definitions are that if you have a fixed mindset then you will not exceed. If you have a growth mindset then you will have the ability to excel. The definitions are accurate and are very true if you go down either path. This applies to my attitude of being a human because it teaches that having a growth mindset will make you a better person.

  20. 1) After watching Mr. Fisch's "Did you Know" video, an idea that bewildered me was that in just 45 years a computer will not only be smarter than a human brain, but also be smarter than the entire human race. This really made me realize the progression of technology in the human race. That only a little more than 100 years ago, the first radio transmission was made. In a mere 100 years, we've gone as far as creating technology that can send a message in seconds. This astounds me, and even more so by the fact that the most technology has been created in this past century. It makes me excited for what happens in the next one hundred.
    2) After watching Danny Macaskill's "Inspired Bikes" video, I remember the countless hours of time I put into skateboarding. I was part of a skateboarding video once, and there is a lot of behind the scenes work put into the video. Finding out what to do, how to do it, and then actually doing it. While in downtown Denver filming for a Go Skate day video contest hosted by Wahoo's Fish Tacos, We were all over the place. It was hot, and we had no money to get drinks or food. And we were there for five hours at least. We were filming this one line, when I sat down and laid there, and a woman came up to me holding ten dollars. I could have really used a water, but I felt wrong taking it, so I didn't. It only made it better when we got fourth place and got cold refreshing water and hanging out with other skateboarders. Me and my friends didn't give up making that video, and it was amazing to see it finished.
    3) I believe that the definitions for Fixed Mind Set and Growth Mind Set fet perfectly. I personally believe I am a growth mind-setted person because I try do cultivate my basic qualities through my effort. When I am drawing, I am constantly messing up, and restarting and spending hours before the sketch is even done. I learn from my mistakes, and then approach the task with a different mindset, and a newly sharpened pencil. Looking at my past work is the best way for me to perfect my future work. These definitions define exactly what the qualities of a GMS and a FMS thinker. These apply to my academic career because which mind set you are can practically define how your academic future goes, and what your post-academic life looks like.