Sunday, November 15, 2015

Act 3 Discussion

We are going to have a silent discussion today.  Please follow ALL directions.  For the first part of class, we will be discussing Act 3 in itself, then we will transfer to real world questions.

1.  Respond to 3 of my questions first-please use textual support where need be.  Your choice!  Write out number to which you are responding.
2.  When you are done responding to my questions I want you to ask a critical/ real world question (under neath your responses) to start the discussion on a real level.  You must respond to at least 3 other people and continue to ask more critical questions as you move through.  I want analysis, depth of thought and thoughtful insight.  

1.  Why did the jury find Cates guilty even after there was so much support for Drummond at the end of the trial?  Why did Cates "win"according to Drummond?  What is the personal significance to Cates of the outcome of the trial?

2.  What did you think of Hornbeck at the end of the play?  What impression did you leave with concerning his characterization?

3.  What is the significance of Drummond's final gesture at the end of the play?  (see stage direction)

4.  What did you think of Drummond's advice to Bert with regard to the story he told about Golden Dancer?

5.  What important first in history does the trial introduce?  Why was this so groundbreaking?

6.  How does Rachel change at the end of the play?  What does she ultimately understand?